School Saves Money with Energy Efficient Lighting

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The University at Albany upgraded to energy efficient lighting to cut costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The University at Albany upgraded to energy efficient lighting to cut costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy efficient lighting can help schools cut back on more than just their energy usage. New lighting solutions can also help schools reduce their energy and maintenance costs. Depending on the type of lighting a university upgrades to, required maintenance can be greatly reduced. Finding the right solution for an upgrade can be a daunting task, and the benefits of each solution should be explored to determine the best options addressing energy savings, long-term maintenance impacts along with visual quality for the occupants. Lighting specialists can help project managers and those involved in the upgrade process to determine which lighting solutions are best.

The New York State University at Albany recently invested in a new energy efficient lighting project. According to the school’s website, the college will save about $704,000 annually on electricity costs and eliminate 4,100 tons of greenhouse gas emissions from escaping into the atmosphere.

The project matches the “Build Smart NY” initiative created by Governor Andrew Cuomo, which aims to make state buildings 20 percent more energy efficient over the next seven years. To meet this goal, the state plans to focus on priority projects that will deliver the most energy savings. The state hopes the initiative will save millions of taxpayer dollars and create jobs. The state will also be able to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions if the project is successful.

The University at Albany, where lighting was installed in the early 1960s to give buildings a futuristic feel faced a bigger challenge when school officials attempted to upgrade lighting fixtures.

However, with some guidance, the school was able to find the right lighting solution for the upgrade. The school replaced about 11,800 original fixtures across the campus without disrupting the original design of the school, the Times Union reported. The new efficient lights are expected to save the school about $225,000 annually on electricity costs.

Becoming energy efficient does not mean a building has to lose its character or concept of its original design. Energy efficiency consultants can help with the custom designing process.

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