Indiana University launches fund’s first project

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Indiana University announced the Student Sustainability Council’s first University Lighting upgrades project funded by its Sustainability Fund, which was created from student donations. Motion-sensing, energy efficient lighting in one of the campus’ stairwells will be installed, the university said. Ballantine Hall will receive the lighting upgrades in an effort to promote campus-wide energy efficiency through the student fund. 

School Saves Money with Energy Efficient Lighting

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The New York State University at Albany recently invested in a new energy efficient lighting project. The project matches the “Build Smart NY” initiative created by Governor Andrew Cuomo, which aims to make state buildings 20 percent more energy efficient over the next seven years. The college will save about $704,000 annually …

Colorado School Installs LED Lighting

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Ridgway Colorado’s elementary school is upgrading its lighting to energy efficient lighting in one of their classrooms. School experts said the school will save money on electric costs as a result of the new installation. A meter will measure how much electricity is being used in the classroom, the article stated. The cost of power and carbon emissions will also be measured to help the school track its savings.

Energy Efficient Lighting Helps Universities Improve Student Safety

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Installing energy efficient lighting fixtures including light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can not only help universities reduce their energy usage and costs, but the lighting solutions can improve student safety, especially those walking around campus at night. Many schools across the country have already upgraded to energy efficient lighting and many more are considering doing so.

Duke University saves with street lighting upgrade

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A project to upgrade Duke University street lights will cut the school’s energy usage by replacing outdoor light bulbs with new, energy efficient LEDs. According to Duke Today, the year-long project will involve the replacement of existing outdoor light bulbs with new, energy efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs).