EPAct Extended!

2020 and Retroactive extension of EPAct 179D was signed into law.

The law extends EPAct 179D back to January 1, 2018 and forward through December 31, 2020.
This means 2 things...
  • Claim EPAct for Already Completed Projects

    We can go back and claim EPAct for projects completed in the last two years.

  • 2020 Projects

    All projects scheduled for completion in 2020 are candidates for EPAct.

EPAct Tax Deductions can range from 30¢ per square foot to $1.80 per square foot.
Lumenistics will help maximize your tax deduction.
See if you are a candidate for a "First Year Payback"

Financially Sound Lighting

... or what we call Responsible Lighting Design

Lumenistics approaches lighting with the aesthetic of an artist and the financial acumen a CFO.

Beautiful lighting is our passion . . . but our true artistry is what we deliver to your bottom line.

  • Lower Your Operating Costs

    LED lighting typically reduces by 40% to 70% percent your energy and lighting maintenance costs.

  • Utility Rebates & Government Incentives

    Most electric utilities provide generous incentives for energy efficiency which help offset upgrade costs and lower your payback period.

  • Significant Tax Deduction

    A Lumenistics lighting upgrade may qualify you for current year tax deductions - which offsets your use of cash and can bring your payback period down to one year.

  • We Specify Quality Parts That Qualify

    There are good fixtures, bad fixtures, and then there is visually stunning lighting that meets building code, qualifies for incentives, and reduces carbon footprint.

  • Increase Asset Value

    In addition to lowered operating costs, better light quality and environmentally friendly buildings are worth more.

  • We Handle All The Paperwork

    From vendor and parts procurement, to delivery inspection, insurance, building code, securing utility rebate, to providing the documentation for your tax returns.

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Case Study:   elé Cake

elé cake is a big deal in Dayton Ohio and serves a variety of delicious treats from their 8,000 square foot bakery retail storefront. However, the owners weren't happy about the electric bill and never ending chore of bulb replacement.

Lumenistics came to the rescue with better lighting design, light distribution and uniformity. Furthermore, the electricity savings, utility rebates, and tax advantage recovered over 90% of the cost of the upgrade!    

Our Services

The first call is free, and we guarantee you won't get a sale pitch.

As a commercial property owner, you owe yourself the benefit of this call. In 15 minutes or less we give an educated overview and key financial consideration of a lighting upgrade. ... if you like what you hear and want to take the conversation to the next level, we offer these options ...


Step 1: Estimate of Benefit (EOB)

The “EOB” is a no cost, no obligation opportunity to receive a 360 degree assessment on your building’s lighting upgrade options. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about energy savings, improved light quality, longevity, costs, tax advantages, efficiency rebates, and how quick a payback we can deliver on your investment.


2. "Responsible" Lighting Design

You can manage your own lighting upgrade with our “Responsible Lighting Design”. We will provide all the detail discussed during the EOB to maximize benefits and minimize out of pocket costs. CAD renderings, fixture recommendations, rebate offers, updates to depreciation tables, and even financing options.


3. Turn-Key Implementation

The hassle-free approach for those who want it done right is a Turn-Key lighting upgrade managed by Lumenistics. Our end-to-end service takes the pain out of delivering you optimal payback, and minimal hassle.

  • No cost, No obligation
  • Gain facts for your upgrade decisions

Get the facts you need to make an informed lighting decisions

  • Benchmark where you are
  • Define visual, environmental, and financial objective
  • Before & After design renderings
  • Updated depreciation documentation
  • Expert project management
  • Minimize Business Interruption
  • Complete objectivity & transparency
  • Minimize Risk, Maximize Return on Lighting Investment

Learn More

Why upgrade to LED lighting?

Watch as Frank Austin, our partner with TaxCentricLighting, explains why upgrading to LED lighting is best for your business and your bottom line.
He also shares the most common reasons for not upgrading and why making the change to LEDs is the right move for your business.

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