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  • A commercial lighting retrofit yields an average of 15%-20% savings in electricity costs, and typically sees an ROI within two years or less ...

    • Energy Efficient
    • Long Life
    • Better Light Quality
    • Improved Property Value
    • Better Lighting Controls
  • New lighting technologies are going through a major technological and economic shift which dramatically increases light quality and efficiency ...

  • ... and good decisions start with good information. Learn from our experience and allow us to offer you our rare brand of clear and objective advice ...

  • Our commercial lighting clients are usually eligible for substantial rebates from local utilities, and we can help you qualify for attractive federal tax incentives available for energy efficiency upgrades - up to 60 cents per square foot!

... And good decisions start with good information. Learn from our experience and allow us to offer you our rare brand of clear and objective advice:

  • Realize significant savings in electricity & maintance costs
  • Learn from our experience evaluating trade-offs in technology choices
  • Expect realistic lifetime estimates
  • Offset up-front costs with attractive utility rebates & tax incentives
  • Upgrade your lighting with a firm understanding of ROI & total cost of ownership
  • Benefit from advanced dimming & lighting controls

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Learn The Basics of Energy Efficient Lighting

The Basics of Energy Efficient LightingModern energy efficient lighting technology is rapidly evolving and is creating opportunities for U.S. businesses and consumers alike  ... read more

Auto Dealer Lot Lighting

Auto Dealer Lot Lighting

Now here's a deal that is hard to refuse.
What if Lumenistics could help you sell more cars, improve your lot appearance, reduce your electrical usage by half ... and finance your upgrade 100% through your monthly energy savings? Does it sound too good to be true?
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    Parking garages and lots constitute an industry that generates at least $25 billion a year in gross revenue in the U.S. And with their many needs beyond just providing parking spaces for cars and other vehicles, like accessibility, safety and the ability to blend into surrounding environments, they present dynamic spaces where intelligent commercial lighting design can make a huge impact in a number of ways....
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    Energy-efficient lighting solutions, specifically light-emitting diodes (LEDs), is the next major market to experience significant growth, according to a recent report by CleanTechnia. The LED industry will open new markets, encourage new business models and increase product capabilities....
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