New Hampshire Bridge Project Promotes Energy Efficiency

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A new bridge in New Hampshire is promoting energy efficiency.

A new bridge in New Hampshire is promoting energy efficiency.

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A new memorial bridge connecting parts of New Hampshire to Maine is currently under construction, and the finished project will include energy-efficient lighting, according to The Associated Press. The bridge will connect Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Kittery, Maine, making commutes between the two cities and surrounding areas easier.

The company building the bridge hopes to use down lighting on the bridge’s two vertical spans and under-lighting of the center span so visibility is increased when the bridge lifts for water traffic, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader. The lighting of a memorial plaque is also in the works.

Reports said the lighting project will use energy-efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to light up the vertical and center spans of the new bridge.

Experts hope the project promotes energy-efficient awareness among residents living in the area and encourages them to save resources and reduce energy costs. Energy efficiency consultants estimate the color-changing capability lights will cost less than $1,000 annually, according to the Union Leader.

When the south tower is completed in March, experts will illuminate the bridge to demonstrate the look of the lighting for residents. The Union Leader said the bridge will be completed and opened to traffic in July.

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