LED Lighting Helps Save on Operating and Maintenance Costs

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LED lighting can help businesses save thousands on expenses each year.

LED lighting can help businesses save thousands on expenses each year.

After switching to LED lighting, many businesses across the country have seen improvements in their electricity expenses. In a report issued by G4, hotels, casinos and other companies have saved thousands of dollars and experienced tremendous return on investments after they began using LED and other energy efficient lighting.

For example, a hotel in Las Vegas reportedly replaced inefficient metal halide lights on the building’s facade with LED lighting – a move that saved the facility about $41,000 annually, according to G4. Also, a casino in Wisconsin is expected to save more than $221,000 in electric costs the first year the building’s new LED lights are in use, and $120,000 in maintenance costs over the next six years, the article stated. Because LED lights only need to be replaced every few years, businesses with commercial exterior lighting no longer have to worry about the costs involved with replacing blown light bulbs.

Colorado businesses have also taken advantage of the benefits of switching over to LED lighting. According to Summit Daily News, businesses in various towns across the state have energy audits conducted to test energy efficiency. After audits were conducted, some businesses reportedly switched to LED to save money and cut around $200 annually from their electric bills.

One cafe in Colorado, Red Buffalo, changed their halogen lighting to LED lights, which provided higher efficiency lighting that will have a longer life. Summit Daily said businesses across Colorado are saving money and becoming more environmentally friendly by taking an interest in the most effective and efficient lighting solutions for their buildings.

Those looking to make their buildings more energy efficient should contact trained lighting specialists at Lumenistics, who can help determine the best lighting solution to fit a business’ needs.

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