Furniture Company Upgrades to Energy Efficient Lighting

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Installing new lighting solutions can help businesses reduce their energy and maintenance costs. Upgrading to energy efficient lighting can also help reduce carbon emissions and help a company reduce its impact on the environment.

A furniture company installed energy efficient lighting upgrades to several retail stores.

A furniture company installed energy efficient lighting upgrades to several retail stores.

Furniture company Rooms To Go recently announced it completed the installation of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in 115 of its retail stores. The company expects to save between 35 and 45 percent on energy costs in each store over the next year because of the upgrades. The company also said they selected a wider optical beam-spread for the LED lamps to further reduce energy consumption. The upgrade has allowed the company to produce better lighting through its stores without increasing energy usage and costs.

Along with the energy cost reduction, Rooms To Go is also expected to reduce the number of lamps needed for each store by five to 10 percent. Since LEDs do not get as hot as the previous lamps used at the stores, the company will reduce cooling costs and the longer lifespan of the LEDs will also reduce maintenance costs.

Rooms To Go is proud to set a positive example for companies striving to be energy efficient and operationally effective
~ Rooms To Go CEO Jeffrey Seaman

Illinois recreation center gets lighting upgrade
A facility in Illinois is also receiving a lighting upgrade to be more energy efficient. The Woodstock City Council of Woodstock, Illinois approved a contract that will result in lighting retrofits for the Woodstock Recreation Center’s indoor lighting system. The upgrades will include energy efficient and environmentally friendly fixtures, the city said.

According to The Woodstock Independent, the new lights will be brighter, cut energy costs and help the facility reduce their carbon footprint. Officials said they expect the city to save approximately $10,000 a year, the Woodstock Independent reported.

“This cost savings is for electrical costs only and does not include a reduction in labor costs related to maintenance expenses,” city officials said in a report

The recreation center’s cardio room, racquetball court, gym, multipurpose rooms, offices, weight rooms, aerobic rooms, locker rooms and the facility’s nursery will all receive the upgraded lighting, the Independent reported.

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