Colorado Ranks Third in LEED Certifications

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LEED certification can help a business reduce energy costs.

LEED certification can help a business reduce energy costs.

Upgrading to energy efficient lighting can be a beneficial investment for many businesses and owners. Buildings can be more efficient and save energy by changing or upgrading their lighting solutions. With so many lighting options available, it is important to understand which solutions will  work best for a particular business or building. Energy efficiency consultants can help a business decide what types of lighting fixtures would best benefit their company.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification has encouraged building and business owners to become more energy efficient, and helps to reduce energy and maintenance costs. In order to become LEED certified, specific building requirements must be met and score a minimum of 40 points on a 110-point LEED rating scale, according to the U.S. Green Building Council. One way businesses are working toward the certification is by upgrading to more efficient lighting fixtures, which reduces a building’s overall energy consumption. This, in turn, also saves businesses a significant amount of money on monthly electricity bills.

Colorado making strides in energy efficiency 

In a recent ranking by the U.S. Green Building Council for 2012, Colorado was one of the top ranked states in the country for LEED certifications. Ranked third in the country, the state produced 2.10 square feet per resident of LEED certifications, according to the Boulder County Business Report. In 2012, the state certified 99 projects, covering about 10.5 million square feet, the article said.

“Securing a spot on this list is a remarkable achievement for everyone involved in the green-building movement in Colorado,” said Rick Fedrizzi, president and chief executive of the U.S. Green Building Guild.

Washington, D.C. and Virginia were ranked first and second respectively, ahead of Colorado, the report said.

According to the National Research Council, the U.S. Department of Defense should continue to require new buildings and major renovations to be LEED certified.

Data has shown that green building certifications increased the use of energy efficient solutions in the United States and reduce the overall amount of energy consumed in the country. NRC said. As a result of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, a green building certification system must be used by federal agencies for new construction and major renovations of buildings, the Environmental Leader reported.

If a business is not constructing a new building or doing a major renovation, companies can still benefit from becoming LEED certified. Energy and maintenance costs can be significantly reduced when energy efficient lighting is installed. To discuss your options, contact a lighting specialist at Lumenistics to determine the best lighting solution.

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