Body shops install energy efficient lighting systems

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Body shops installed energy efficient lighting solutions.

Body shops installed energy efficient lighting solutions.

A body shop in Florida upgraded its lighting fixtures to reduce energy usage. Manheim Palm Beach installed lighting solutions that use two thirds less electricity than the previously installed fixtures, Dealer Communications reported.

Occupancy light sensors that were installed at the shop will help eliminate wasted energy by about 30 percent, the article stated. The sensors turn on the lights only if someone is in the room, and the lights will automatically turn off when the shop is vacant.

In addition to reducing energy and maintenance costs for businesses, upgrading to energy efficient solutions can help a business reduce their environmental footprint. By cutting back on their amount of greenhouse gas emissions, the body shop’s new lighting  will contribute to improving the environment.

Indianapolis-based body shop also installs efficient upgrades
In the Midwest, a body shop decided to improve their energy efficiency by upgrading to a new lighting system. Church Brothers Collision Repair  installed a new lighting system in six of its shops. The upgrades will reduce the business’ electricity usage by two thirds compared to the previous lighting system, according to Body Shop Business.

Church Brothers said the new fixtures provide 55 percent more lighting per square foot, the article stated. The shop replaced five hundred 400-watt metal halide lights with new, more efficient lighting, Church Brother’s co-owner Dan Hall told Body Shop Business.

Energy efficient lighting projects can also help a business reduce their costs for maintenance. Since energy efficient lighting fixtures have a longer lifespan than traditional lighting solutions, less time will be spent swapping bulbs. If a business owner is considering making lighting upgrades to a building, contact the lighting specialists at Lumenistics for more information on which fixtures will best improve a building’s energy efficiency.

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