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Is Color Quality Scale (CQS) an improvement on CRI?

  1. Wendy,

    I am missing the point here.
    In my opinion, CQS is the translation of what the japanese call GAI for a long time.
    In 2010 the LRC from the Rensselaer institute ( not the least) did a survey on these two metric systems, and came to the conclusion that both indicators were important, and that only lightsources with a high GAI, and a high CRI were well conceived by the human being ( they focussed their investigation to the retail market , but I do not believe that this fact makes a big difference when it comes to the quality of light)
    So what do I miss here.
    is there a dufference between GAI and CQS which I miss ?
    I compared two presentations , being this one about the GAI
    My only conclusion is that CQS is in basics the same as GAI.
    Which brings me to the point that CQS is an add on to CRI and tells more about the soft criteria of light Like vividness, warmness, well feeling, where CRI is a more technical approach.
    I would like to understand where I did de-rail in my thinking..

    And a presentation from Maria thompson from Osram
    and one from Maria thompson

    • Rene, thanks for the comment, but just to be clear, Wendy Davis was interviewed for this article, but is not affiliated with Lumenistics, and may not be available to respond to (or even aware of) the questions you posted.

  2. there is something mixed up in my last comment while filing, but I believe my question is clear.

  3. We are working on a new Light meter and wonder if we should implement the CQS now or we should wait?

    What other feature would you like?



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