Xcel Energy saves with energy efficiency

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Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy surpassed its energy savings goal set by Colorado’s PUC.

Xcel Energy surpassed energy savings goals set by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC). According to Fierce Energy, the company exceeded its savings goal by 22 percent as part of its 2012 energy efficiency program.

As a result of the energy savings goals, customers saved 401 million kilowatt hours – a record for the company.  Xcel has surpassed PUC savings goals every year since 2009 , according to the report.

Businesses will save $170 million over the lifetime of the efficiency measures installed by Xcel Energy in 2012. Lighting efficiency measures taken by the company benefited Xcel, its customers and also helped spread awareness about energy efficiency.

Energy saving winners announced
Xcel Energy, which provides energy in eight states, also announced its Kilowatt Crackdown winners. The energy conservation initiative is a year-long contest in Minnesota’s Twin Cities. According to Xcel Energy, 74 buildings participated in the program that saved more than 9 million kilowatt-hours of electricity.

The report found participating companies reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 6,350 metric tons, equal to removing 1,325 vehicles from the road.

“We’d like to congratulate every building owner who participated in the Kilowatt Crackdown,” said Judy Poferl, president and CEO of Northern States Power Co.-Minnesota, an Xcel Energy company. “Taking advantage of our energy efficiency programs makes a lot of sense. It saves money and, of course, helps the environment. In our book, they’re all winners.”

Companies participating in Kilowatt Crackdown installed new lighting fixtures and retrofitted older lighting to save energy and increase efficiency. Xcel Energy offered approximately $1 million in rebates to companies that installed energy efficiency upgrades, the company stated. The rebates helped building and business owners with upfront installation costs and reduced the time before seeing a return on investment.

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