Warehouse installs LEDs to reduce energy consumption

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warehouse led lighting

A new lighting upgrade in a production facility will increase energy savings and worker production.

Mack Technologies in Massachusetts completed warehouse led lighting retrofit project to reduce energy consumption. The project is the largest LED lighting installation of its kind in a New England manufacturing facility.

A total of 2,600 LED fixtures were installed in the manufacturer’s facility and several hundred high-performance bulbs were placed in the company’s offices, according to a press release. The company will save more than $50,000 in yearly lighting costs and is expecting a two-year payback for the LED installation.

Along with energy consumption reduction, Mack will also meet sustainability goals and improve working conditions for employees as a result of the new lighting project.

“Concerns about initial cost, relative youth of the industry, and LED illumination characteristics made some manufacturers cautious about conversion,” said Paul Maher, facilities manager at Mack Technologies. “Our decision to move forward was based on a careful assessment of LED lighting quality and cost, as well as our desire to be a leader in corporate social responsibility.

Employees at the facility were able to easily install the new LED lighting in the 108,000 square foot warehouse, the Boston Business Journal reported.

The business will also benefit from tax credits and utility incentives as a result of the lighting installation.

The electronic manufacturing services company plans to continue with energy efficiency projects to increase its sustainability efforts. By reducing electricity consumption and improving working conditions for employees, Mack will be able to increase production numbers and help the business benefit in ways other than cost savings.

The lighting specialists at Lumenistics can provide more information on the benefits of installing LEDs in your warehouse or manufacturing facility. A consultation with Lumenistics will help facility owners make the best lighting decision to meet maximum savings and energy reduction goals.

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