Northeast states offer energy efficient programs

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Businesses and cities are saving money with energy efficient lighting installations.

Businesses and cities are saving money with energy efficient lighting installations.

Lighting upgrades can help businesses and cities save significant amounts of money on energy usage as well as energy and maintenance costs. Energy efficient programs in New Jersey are helping businesses and towns save money by promoting energy efficient lighting installations to reduce energy consumption and save money. More than 2,500 businesses and local governments participated in a program that offers financial incentives to those that upgrade to more efficient lighting, according to New Jersey Press Media. Alfonso’s Family Trattoria in Somerville, New Jersey is currently deciding what specific lighting installations would save the business the most amount of money.

John Donald, the restaurant’s manager, told the New Jersey Press Media that the restaurant spends approximately $10,000 on lighting every month. He said the restaurant will likely replace the 53 incandescent lights that are currently used with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to help with immediate energy savings as well as future savings because the light bulbs will reportedly last for about 10 years.

Savings adding up in Connecticut Several Connecticut businesses have also benefited from lighting fixture upgrades. According to The Day Connecticut, businesses, towns and residential customers in Connecticut saved an overall $50 million in energy costs in 2012 by taking advantage of state incentives and upgrading to more energy efficient solutions. More than 4,500 towns and businesses across Connecticut have made upgrades including energy efficient lighting installations to help reduce their energy usage and save money, the article stated. Additionally, a total of 31 towns joined the state’s Clean Energy Communities program.

By joining the program, cities pledge to reduce energy consumption at least 20 percent by 2018, according to The Day. One of the upgrades was seen at fabrications and powder coating company, Seconn, when it installed energy efficient lighting to reduce costs. The Day also said a restaurant in Old Saybrook, Connecticut installed new lighting, lighting controls as well as energy efficient coolers and freezers to reduce energy usage and reduce costs. Contact the energy efficiency consultants at Lumenistics for more information or to learn more about specific benefits for your business or town.

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