Lighting upgrades help businesses save money

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Lighting upgrades

Businesses in Colorado Springs are saving money with lighting upgrades.

Lighting can take up as much as 50 percent of a business’ electricity consumption, so it is important for company owners to understand the benefits of switching to cost-effective energy efficient lighting solutions, the U.S. Small Business Association said.

Businesses throughout Colorado Springs are saving money by installing energy efficient lighting, such as LEDs. Utility bills are dropping and the savings are adding up. For example, the owners of a climbing gym in the city reduced their annual energy costs by 60 percent with the help of new lighting replacements, the Colorado Springs Business Journal reported.

Joe Groshong, owner of the climbing gym CityRock, said the lighting upgrades helped to increase the quality of the building as well as business. The coolness of the LEDs prevents climbers from overheating and makes the gym more attractive to members.

According to the article, lighting upgrades are becoming more popular for business owners who want to turn to energy efficiency and reduce costs. The lowering costs for LEDs are encouraging businesses to move forward with installations as well as rebates through utility companies and state programs. A quick return on investment is also increasing the interest in installing LEDs.

The pay off for businesses who choose energy efficient lighting upgrades is much faster than many other efficiency installations available.

“It may not necessarily be the biggest energy savings, but lighting is the most cost-effective,” said Jim Riggins, president of EnerSmart, an energy efficiency auditor. “But lighting is the most cost-effective.It usually pays for itself in a year or two.”

It may not necessarily be the biggest energy savings, but lighting is the most cost-effective

At Poor Richard’s restaurant, also in Colorado Springs, a total of 235 halogen lights were replaced with LEDs and helped cut electricity bills $2,000 a month and almost $25,000 a year, the Business Journal reported.

Colorado Springs Utilities offers rebates of up to $400 per kilowatt saved for commercial customers in the city, the article stated. Awareness on lighting needs can also create cost saving measures among business owners wanting to cut back on energy usage.

Colorado businesses interested in new lighting upgrades to help increase energy efficiency should contact the lighting specialists at Lumenistics.

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