LEDs are the lights of the 21st century

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Falling costs of LEDs and improving technology are making them the light of the 21st Century.

As technology surrounding light-emitting diodes (LEDs) continues to develop, the government estimates that solid-state lighting (SSL) will grow to be the dominant light source in the next two decades, according to Electrical Contractor Magazine. Solid-state lighting is a type of lighting that uses semi-conductor LEDs as a source of illumination, compared to the filaments used in traditional light bulbs.

LEDs first appeared in 1962, and today, more lumens are emitted per bulb, making for brighter lights that offer a more natural look. The U.S. Department of Energy expects LED technology to reach a 200 lumen per watt efficiency by 2030. LEDs are estimated to capture 28 percent of the commercial market by 2020 and could reach 70 percent of that market by 2030, the article stated.

The average life of LED indoor lighting is also expected to grow in the coming years. Electrical Contractor Magazine said the bulbs could last for as long as 73,000 hours by 2030.

An increase in the use of LEDs may also increase due to the falling costs for the bulbs, Time Magazine reported. Traditional incandescent bulbs are currently being phased out, and once stores have emptied their stock, they will no longer be available on store shelves.

LEDs offer a warm glow and don’t require any warm-up time or harshness that can make everything look washed out. The bulbs also offer more energy efficiency, which can reduce electricity costs, and because the bulbs last much longer than traditional light bulbs, they require lower maintenance costs.

The ever-developing technology of LEDs will encourage more commercial building owners to turn to more energy-efficient lighting solutions.

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