LED Lighting Helps Hotels Go Green

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Hotel lighting can be easily upgraded to contribute to the building’s energy efficiency. However, the type of lighting depends on the hotels needs and certain types may not be beneficial for all buildings. Energy efficiency consultants can help a hotel owner determine the best lighting options to reduce energy consumption and save on annual electricity costs and to go green.

LED lighting helps hotels become more energy efficient.

LED lighting helps hotels go green.

​More hotels around the nation are realizing how simple it can be to cut down on electricity use and to by making some lighting changes. One example is Econo Lodge hotels, which announced it will be promoting green practices through its Choice hotels Room to be Green (RTBG) program. Throughout 2013, every Econo Lodge will implement the program and hotel operators will work toward energy and water conservation as well as recycling and waste reduction.

The hotels will also install LED lighting in hotel rooms to reduce energy usage and to help reach the company’s goal of becoming more environmentally conscious. The lighting update will help the hotel company reduce energy usage by 12 million kilowatts annually.

All Econo Lodge hotels are expected to make lighting and other energy efficient upgrades by December 31, 2013. The hotels that complete the project on time will receive a “Supports Green Practices” designation.

Another major U.S. hotel chain has also made strides in energy efficiency. Marriott’s Courtyard Scottsdale Salt River hotel in Arizona was honored as the best Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) hotel in 2012 after they made energy efficient upgrades including LED installations. LED upgrades contributed to the hotel’s effort to become energy efficient. LEED certification rankings are determined by the U.S. Green Building Council and all certified buildings must adhere to a set of specifications and scores based on the business’ energy efficiency.

Energy efficient lighting upgrades can reduce a business’ energy usage as well as reduce costs for maintenance. Because LED lighting has a longer life than traditional lighting, bulbs do not need to be changed as frequently and require less attention. For hotel owners who are interested in upgrading to energy efficient lighting, turn to Lumenistics for a more detailed consultation.


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