Indiana University launches fund’s first project

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University Lighting upgrades

A building on Indiana University’s campus is installing energy efficient lighting.

Indiana University announced the Student Sustainability Council’s first University Lighting upgrades project funded by its Sustainability Fund, which was created from student donations. Motion-sensing, energy efficient lighting in one of the campus’ stairwells will be installed, the university said.

Ballantine Hall will receive the lighting upgrades in an effort to promote campus-wide energy efficiency through the student fund. The Student Sustainability Council expects the university to save on long-term energy costs and experience an immediate reduction in energy usage.

If the university determines the fund’s support of energy efficient projects including new lighting installations are a benefit to the campus, then further projects may be supported.

University lighting upgrades and retrofits can help universities interested in reducing energy costs and use.

Indiana University’s Sustainability Fund
The fund at Indiana University is student-driven and student-run. It works to create positive and sustainable changes including the furthering of environmental projects.

“Not only is the fund a great way for students to show the IU administration that there is real student interest in making IU a more sustainable campus, but it is a means of effecting tangible, immediate change,” said Tom Ladendorf, finance director of the council. “Donations to the fund will be put to use in capital projects that will create an impact in the near future.”

The fund was established in the fall of 2010 after students from the Student Sustainability Council wanted to create a way to advance sustainability initiatives. More than 11,000 student signatures were collected to help start the IU Sustainability Fund. Students at the university have the option of donating $5 to the fund when they register for classes online, the University said.

The energy efficiency consultants at Lumenistics can provide further information for student organizations who are interested in promoting energy efficiency on campus through new lighting projects.

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