Introducing IGLA

Your key to an informed LED lighting decision.

An Investment Grade Lighting Audit (IGLA) from Lumenistics is a quantifiable and verifiable resource to determine the benefits of an LED upgrade in your facility.

Your customized IGLA will outline:

  • How much your existing lighting is costing you in energy and maintenance.
  • How much you will save in energy and maintenance cost with an upgrade.
  • How you will benefit from an improved visual performance with LED lighting.
  • How much money it will cost you to replace your existing lighting with LED.
  • The improvement of your enviromental footprint with an LED upgrade.
  • Accurate return on investment and timeline to cashflow positive.

The Lumenistics IGLA Guarantee:

  • If your IGLA does not demonstrate a payback within 30 months or less, you owe us nothing.

  • If you move forward with an LED lighting upgrade with Lumenistics, the cost of your IGLA will be deducted from your project

  • After your LED lighting upgrade from Lumenistics, we will verify actual performance against our IGLA projections. If the payback timeline results are not within 80% of the IGLA, then we will discount your investment to ensure you realize your projected payback to at least 80% accuracy.

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