The Lumenistics Executive Team

The Lumenistics team knows and understands the directions the lighting industry is taking toward higher energy efficiency and reliability, lower maintenance cost, longevity, sustainability, and lighting quality.

Bob Conner

Bob Conner

Frank Austin alt

Frank Austin
Energy Manager

Michael Lassle

Michael Lassle
Technology Director

Simon Baier

Simon Baier
Marketing Director

Bob Conner, Chief Executive Officer

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Bob Conner co-founded Lumenistics in March of 2010 where he oversees strategic direction and the product portfolio. Mr. Conner spent 35 years in the construction and agricultural alignment industry and brings a wide variety of international experiences and skill sets to the Lumenistics team.

Bob’s career started at Spectra-Physics Laserplane (SPL) – the industry pioneer and leader. Over a 15 year period Bob served successive roles as salesman, Direct Sales Office manager, regional sales manager, export sales manager (based out of Darmstadt, Germany) and Worldwide Sales and Marketing Manager for one of SPL’s Strategic Business Units.

In 1990 Bob left SPL and founded Apache Technologies, Inc. Over the next 15 years, Apache became the world’s largest manufacturer of laser detection devices for construction and agriculture – ultimately producing over a million units. This success was driven by a combination of world class capabilities. Patented, best-in-class laser detection technologies were developed into leading edge products assembled in a purpose built, proprietary and highly cost efficient US manufacturing facility. This product was coupled with an OEM/brand labeling marketing strategy targeted at industry leaders and produced excellent results. Apache built brand labeled laser detectors for industry leaders that included Spectra-Physics Laserplane, Leica, Laser Alignment, DeWalt and Stabila.

Bob sold Apache in 2005 to Trimble Navigation, Ltd. and oversaw the integration of Apache into Trimble until his retirement at the end of 2009……..for 3 months.

Frank Austin, Energy Manager

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Frank is a highly recognized lighting industry professional with Lighting Certification (L.C.) and 30 years of end-to-end experience including lighting design, energy efficiency, financial analysis, tax strategies, rebate program management, and regulatory compliance. His primary focus has traditionally been in retail, industrial/warehouse, commercial lighting – both interior and exterior.

He started his career with Genlyte, which was acquired in 2008 by Phillips. Frank stayed on at Phillips where he built and managed national accounts, and eventually architected and led the Phillips Energy Solutions program.

Frank attended Spaulding University where he received his B.A. in Business Administration. He has industry memberships in the United States Green Building Council (US-GBC) and the Illumination Engineering Society of North America (I.E.S.).

Frank has served on on several industry committees bringing practical expertise in energy efficient lighting design and application. Over the last decade Frank has been invited to speak as a featured speaker within the lighting industry.

Customers and coworkers know Frank as highly knowledgeable and experienced individual uncommonly obsessed with the creation of elegant and highly nuanced lighting proposals that are optimized for customer aesthetic and financial value. What’s even more rare is to find such attention to detail combined with a such a strong bias toward action and drive.

He’s also a heck of a lot of fun to hang around with.

Michael Lassle, Technology Director

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Mr. Lassle is a lighting industry pioneer and expert, providing innovation in the development and application of energy efficient lighting products. He joined Lumenistics in June of 2012 as our Technology Director. Prior to joining Lumenistics, Michael served for five years as vice president of Arcalux Corporation, a manufacturer of commercial fluorescent and medical luminaires based in Houston. Earlier in his career Michael held executive positions at Eclipse Energy Services and Sempra Energy Solutions both based in Houston.

Michael’s focus is always aimed at reducing a customer’s operating costs with a positive return on investment, while maintaining the integrity of lighting quality. His tenacious, cutting-edge approach to developing solutions for customers highlights his bullish attitude toward the future of lighting. While at Arcalux Michael co-invented, and submitted for patent, an air disinfection system using a specific frequency of ultraviolet light to kill airborne pathogens.

Michael is a Lighting Certified professional (since 1998). He is a 25 year member of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) where he serves on the Energy Efficiency Committee. Michael co-authored IESNA guidelines for upgrading lighting systems in commercial and institutional spaces.

Simon Baier, Marketing Director

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Simon Baier joined Lumenistics in March of 2010. Simon delivers a strategic perspective to the Lumenistics marketing strategy while executing tightly controlled marketing campaigns – always with an eye toward return on marketing investment.

Simon has been on the forefront of marketing strategy and execution since the mid 90s when he served as National Sales Manager for Chicago’s first and largest ISP, American Information Systems. There he developed resale relationships with top industry vendors, and managed a sales team offering technical consulting and managed network services.

Bit by the entrepreneurial bug of the dot com era he consulted early-stage startups through growth strategy, financial modeling, product development, and key person recruiting.
The core of Simon’s inbound B2B marketing strategy aligns to three critical factors – developing a high value product, establish and communicate competitive differentiation, and identify the sales channel that leads to those who benefit the most.

Simon is a member of the the Illuminating Engineering Society and the National and New York chapter of the American Marketing Association. He received his B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from the University of Southern Maine.