Energy efficient lighting installed in Kansas City parking garage

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A parking garage in Kansas City received energy efficient upgrades.

A parking garage in Kansas City received energy efficient upgrades.

By making upgrades to parking garage lighting, energy usage and maintenance costs can be significantly decreased. Since most parking garage lights are on for long periods of time (in most cases, 24 hours a day), older less efficient lighting can be upgraded to not only save energy and reduce maintenance costs, but increase the amount of light which increases driver visibility and occupant security.

Parking Garage Lighting

A parking garage in Kansas City, Missouri has turned to energy efficient lighting solutions. The new LED parking garage lights recently had 399 LED fixtures installed. The fixtures have a life expectancy of 150,000 hours, compared to the 8,500 hours for the bulbs that previously lit the parking garage. The new lights are also four times brighter and use one-third less electricity.

The project is part of the citywide initiative to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

“As part of its KC Green initiative, the City of Kansas City continues to incorporate green programs and projects throughout the city as part of its broader triple bottom line approach to sustainability that simultaneously promotes social equity, economic vitality and environmental quality,” said Dennis Murphey, director of the Office of Environmental Quality.

The project at the Block 126 Parking Garage will save the city more than $24,000 in energy costs annually and will also help to reduce maintenance costs.

“Significant operational and maintenance savings will be achieved as well,” said Curt Futvoye, facility manager. “Longer life spans equal less service time. Labor savings of more than 100 hours annually are anticipated.”

Lights will stay on 24 hours a day, so upgrading fixtures provides lighting to car drivers and increases security while decreasing electricity costs.  Lighting specialists can help a business determine the best types of lighting for parking garage fixtures.

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