DOE continues to improve solid-state lighting technology

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solid-state lighting

The Department of Energy works to improve SSL technologies.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s research and development of solid-state lighting (SSL) dates back to 2003. SSL lighting is unique in that it emits directed light compared to traditional light bulbs, has a compact profile, is breakage resistant, has an increased lifespan and is energy efficient.

LEDs​, the most common of SSL technologies, are beneficial for a number of lighting fixtures including hotel lighting and parking lot lighting. These areas are good for LEDs because the bulbs offer a quick return on investment.

Improvements and energy-saving potential have tremendously increased with advancements in SSL technologies. The DOE estimates the country could save approximately $250 billion on energy costs in the next 20 years by switching to LED lighting. Additionally, by using LEDs, the United States could cut its electricity consumption in half and avoid 1.8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions over the next two decades.

Luckily for those who may be considering lighting upgrades and LED retrofits, the cost of the bulbs have dramatically decreased since they first hit the market several years ago. The DOE monitors SSL technologies in labs and on the marketplace in order to improve both quality and cost competitiveness with other lighting solutions. The current cost of LED lighting systems is declining at a rate of about 20 percent per year and will continue to drop through the years and eventually level off, the department said.

DOE programs advance SSL technology

The DOE is also working on the acceleration of SSL technology as a result of the establishment of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which mandates the government invest in the lighting solution.

The DOE’s interest in energy efficiency comes from an effort to reduce energy costs and consumption and be more eco-friendly. Programs like Building American, the Commercial Building Initiative and the Federal Energy Management Program promote the most efficient lighting solutions.

Monitoring for problems that result from under-performing SSL products is also a part of the DOE’s interests. There is little doubt that SSL will ultimately emerge as the leading lighting option for the majority of consumers.

The DOE even offers a solid-state lighting program and offers workshops to the public that bring in hundreds of guests. The department also publishes reports and guides for updates on SSL technologies.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of SSL technologies including LEDs​, contact the energy efficiency consultants at Lumenistics. The lighting professionals can provide you with more detailed information on how your business or building can save with upgraded lighting solutions.

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