Another California city wants to install LED streetlights

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led streetlights

Napa, Calif. plans to install LED streetlights.

In an effort to increase energy efficiency, the city of Napa, Calif., wants to deploy a new, large-scale installation of light-emitting diode (LED) streetlights. New Streetlights reported on the project and said the city previously installed approximately 300 LED streetlights through a pilot program, and it’s success to save on energy and costs, is encouraging Napa city officials to approve a complete overhaul of its streetlights.

The city plans to move forward with replacing 4,500 high-pressure sodium and metal halide streetlights with more energy-efficient lighting.

“Our previous installation is saving the city about $22,000 each year,” said Phil Brun, deputy director of public works for the city of Napa.

Officials from Napa determined that LED technology was better suited for the city than other lighting technologies and decided that LED streetlights were the best option. According to the source, the city will save approximately $170,000 on energy costs after the upgrade is completed. Napa’s energy consumption will also be reduced by 50 percent after the project is finished.

3,447 New LED Streetlights

The new streetlight project will include 3,447 70-watt, 325 100-watt, 241 150-watt, 124 200-watt, 39 250-watt and 20 400-watt fixtures as well as 311 decorative post top fixtures, the source stated. Brun told New Streetlights that companies sending in a request for proposals should plan to start the project around September and complete it by May 2014.

There are several advantages to installing LED streetlights. For example, the bulbs emit light in a specific direction and waste less energy than incandescent or fluorescent fixtures, according to National Geographic.

They also have a long lifespan and help to cut back on maintenance costs for cities. An LED light bulb can last as long as 50,000 hours, compared to an incandescent that last for 2,000 hours. National Geographic said the bulbs gradually burn out, instead of an instantaneous outage experienced with traditional lighting solutions.

City officials interested in completing an LED streetlight project should contact the energy efficiency consultants at Lumenistics for more information on the benefits of LED streetlights.

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