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Intelligent solutions for parking lot lighting

parking garage lighting

Parking garages and lots constitute an industry that generates at least $25 billion a year in gross revenue in the U.S. And with their many needs beyond just providing parking spaces for cars and other vehicles, like accessibility, safety and the ability to blend into surrounding environments, they present dynamic spaces where intelligent commercial lighting design can make a huge impact in a number of ways.

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Xcel Energy saves with energy efficiency

Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy surpassed energy savings goals set by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC). According to Fierce Energy, the company exceeded its savings goal by 22% as part of its 2012 energy efficiency program. As a result of the energy savings goals, customers saved 401 million kilowatt hours – a record for the company.  Xcel has surpassed PUC savings goals every year since 2009

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Better Buildings Challenge reveals first-year savings

Better Buildings Challenge

The Better Buildings Challenge released its first year’s energy savings from its partners. According to the report, the goal of the challenge is to increase energy efficiency by 20% among American commercial and industrial buildings by 2020. The challenge’s energy partners have improved energy efficiency at their facilities by more than 2.5% …

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LEDs are the lights of the 21st century


As technology surrounding light-emitting diodes (LEDs) continues to develop, the government estimates that solid-state lighting (SSL) will grow to be the dominant light source in the next two decades, according to Electrical Contractor Magazine. Solid-state lighting is a type of lighting that uses semi-conductor LEDs as a source of illumination, compared to the filaments used in traditional light bulbs.

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New survey reveals 2013 lighting trends

lighting trends

The majority of lighting professionals expect more people to turn to energy efficient lighting solutions this year. Lighting manufacturer Precision Paragon recently conducted an Energy-Efficient Lighting Industry survey, which showed lighting trends that of the more than 4,000 energy efficiency professionals that participated

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DOE continues to improve solid-state lighting technology

solid-state lighting

SSL lighting is unique in that it emits directed light compared to traditional light bulbs, has a compact profile, is breakage resistant, has an increased lifespan and is energy efficient. The U.S. Department of Energy’s research and development of solid-state lighting (SSL) dates back to 2003.

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Shedd Aquarium improves energy efficiency

Shedd Aquarium in Chicago will become the first clean energy-powered aquarium in the country.

​The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago announced it would be improving its lighting in order to make the large and popular aquarium more energy efficient. Shedd will be the first clean energy-powered aquarium in the country. The lighting upgrade will save about 10 million kilowatt-hours annually, enough to power 750 houses.

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School Saves Money with Energy Efficient Lighting

The New York State University at Albany recently invested in a new energy efficient lighting project. The project matches the “Build Smart NY” initiative created by Governor Andrew Cuomo, which aims to make state buildings 20 percent more energy efficient over the next seven years. The college will save about $704,000 annually …

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Companies Join the Better Buildings Challenge

Companies recently joined the Better Building Challenge in an effort to reduce energy consumption.

It costs about $200 billion a year to light commercial buildings and approximately 30 percent of that energy is wasted. Companies and businesses who join the DOE’s Better Buildings Challenge must commit to a portfolio-wide energy savings goal of at least 20 percent by 2020, according to the challenge’s website.

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LED Lighting Helps Hotels Go Green

LED lighting helps hotels become more energy efficient.

Hotel lighting can be easily upgraded to contribute to the building’s energy efficiency. ​More hotels around the nation are realizing how simple it can be to cut down on electricity use by making some lighting changes. The type of lighting depends on the hotels needs and certain types may not be beneficial for all buildings.

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