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Commercial Property Owner

Nobody appreciates better the value of electricity and maintenance cost savings to a property better than the owner.

Lumenistics works with commercial property owners like you to improve lighting quality and save electricity & maintenance costs by making smart lighting upgrade decisions.

commercial-lightingRemember, lighting retrofits offer commercial property owners the quickest return on investment in terms of electrical cost savings.

Lumenistics can help you wade through the many factors of a smart lighting decision:

  • Technology Choices
    Modern lighting technologies are offering up to 80% savings in electricity, ten times the life, and superior light quality to older technologies. Lumenistics can help you balance the benefits of costefficiency, and light quality.
  • Maintenance & Replacement Costs
    In many cases, the long-life of modern lighting technologies produce savings in maintenance and replacement costs that exceed even the energy savings.
  • Utility Rebates
    For a limited time, Xcel Energy and other local utilities are offering very attractive rebates to help commercial property owners reduce significantly the cost of an energy efficient lighting retrofit. Contact us about this “free money” before the offer goes away.
  • Tax Incentives
    For many commercial property owners, further savings can be realized through state and federal tax incentives. Lumenistics can lead you through the process to perform services and secure the documentation needed to take advantage of these attractive deductions.

 If you would like to schedule a brief but informative tour of your property with one of our lighting specialists, please fill out the form below, or call us at (888) 586-3678.

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