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Parking Garage Lighting

Parking garage lighting presents several unique challenges and considerations. These include safety and security, lighting of compact spaces with low ceilings, protection from theft and vandalism, ease of maintenance – and all of this often with 24/7/365 operation.

energy efficient parking garage lighting

Lumenistics brings experience and perspective to parking garage lighting projects, and all with solutions geared toward:

  • energy efficient lighting technologies
  • minimally invasive retrofits
  • light quality and fixture aesthetics
  • minimization of maintenance
  • maintenance of lumen output
  • cost savings though effective day lighting and dimming
  • government regulation
  • liability & insurance requirements

There are new technologies available in HID, fluorescent, induction and LED that can significantly affect safety, maintenance and energy use for your parking garage over the next 10 or 20 years.

Whether you are considering an upgrade to your standing garage, or building new, Lumenistics will help you assess your lighting choices, and ensure your lighting decisions take all these factors into account.

Lumenistics knows parking area and garage lighting

So, contact Lumenistics today for a “walkabout” – our unique approach to an on-site facility tour combined with a two way Q&A. We’ll leave you better informed, and if appropriate, will follow-up with a professional lighting audit, energy savings analysis, and an action-oriented proposal.


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