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High Bay Lighting

There have never before been so many excellent choices in lamp and fixture solutions for large space, high bay applications. The challenge now is to take the information, apply it, and choose the best product for new construction and retrofit applications.
High bay lighting in warehouse
Technology choices include:

  1. High Intensity Discharge (HID) – both Metal Halide and Ceramic Metal Halide – provide superior light quality and recently have been demonstrating great improvements in longevity with newly advanced ballast technologies.
  2. Fluorescent – both high efficiency linear and new long-life magnetic induction fluorescents present attractive opportunities for some applications
  3. LEDs offer long life, directional output, full-spectrum light quality and are starting to make inroads for some high bay applications as LED fixture prices decline and efficacy continues to increase.

Lumenistics helps you take into account the many considerations relevant to high bay lighting decisions:

  • Energy costs
  • Lamp life
  • Lumen maintenance
  • Government rebates and tax incentives
  • Maintenance & replacement labor cost
  • Green PR & LEED points
  • Total Cost of Ownership and ROI
  • Glare
  • Contrast ratios
  • Warm-up and restrike times
  • Shadows
  • Color quality
  • End-of-life
  • Vertical foot candles
  • Horizontal foot candles
  • Light distribution
  • Spacing criteria
  • Third-party financing

So contact Lumenistics today for a “walkabout” – our unique approach to an on-site facilities tour combined with a two way Q&A. We’ll leave you better informed, and if appropriate, will follow-up with an action-oriented proposal.


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