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Auto Dealer Lot Lighting

Can Lumenistics car lot lighting really give your dealership a competitive business advantage?

Absolutely! Here’s how…

Cost Savings – Lighting technologies have made substantial advances over the last 10 years. Drive down your operating expenses by saving 50% or more on energy and maintenance costs.

Better Security – When someone enters your lot after hours, our advanced wireless systems can bring your lights onto full brightness signaling their presence has been detected and send an alert to the right people.

Superior Light Quality – Present your cars and the best light with color representation close to sunlight with our quality lighting, your cars colors will pop!

More Control – It’s 3 AM; are your lights on? How do you know? Our wireless reporting not only alerts you of a lighting failure, it also gives you precise control of where and how your lighting energy dollars are being spent. Reporting is provided through web, e-mail, SMS, or smart phone.

Your Dealership Improvements Entirely Financed by Savings – Yeah, this is for real! Capital improvements without capital investment. Better quality, highly efficient lights financed entirely from the monthly savings they deliver.

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